Our assets

We, like no one else, understand how frustrating becomes the game character creation process sometimes. What if they are needed for different situations?
For example, a biker sleeping at the table, or a waiter delivering food, or a worker building the house.

Perhaps these characters are not key ones in your game, but to add some realism to it, other ones are needed to create the environment.
Here you can take a look at characters we made.

Brutal Biker


  • bones
  • removable parts of clothing
  • facial animation blendshapes
  • HDRP/URP/SPR support
  • 5 LOD groups
  • 23k vertices
  • 16k polygons

    What's included:

  • basic test animations with mixamo included in the asset
  • two motion-capture animations
  • two face animations
  • high resolution textures for HDRP/URP/SPR
  • Download now Size : ~306Mb